Friday, August 20, 2010

Landscaping Progress!

These pictures show the project status as of Thursday evening. I ran a traditional sprinkler at one end and it appears it covers only about 1/6 (or less) of the area that will need watering.

The school district has bought 300 feet of hose, and it looks like we will need all of it and then some! We also have to water the trees in the front (filling gators 2x per week) and the side entrance. I am looking into buying a 4 way timer and splitter that may take care of watering the hydro seeded area.

This was the view looking down the driveway. The trees along the entrance are red maples, horse chesnut and valley forge american elm.

The girls were very excited, but perhaps more by their new (used) bicycles than by the trees.

These were the trees remaining to be planted. Western red cedar (on the right) and white spruce (on the left). Some others are shown that I won't try to identify but there may be a sugar maple or flowering pear.

Looking forward to seeing what it looks like at the end of the day.


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