Monday, September 27, 2010

Landscpaing Plan!

This is landscaping plan for the Newington Public School that identifies the species that were planted and their locations.

You will need to zoom into the legend near the top center to see the species provided. There are abbreviations where each tree or shrub is located on the plan.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Equinox & Newington Public School Landscaping

Hello everyone!

September is winding down, the equinox has come and gone and fall is upon us. This means that this weekend, absent scheduling issues or a sharp change in the weather, I plan to dismantle the automatic watering system, and return all the borrowed hoses etc.

Luke Hydock of LJH Landscaping will be removing the tree gators in the next week or two and re-loan them to the Town in the spring. At that time, the Town will need to resume watering of the new lawn, trees and shrubs, but I expect the watering will be much less frequent than it was this year.

There will be some weeding and additions to the mulch that will need to be done to maintain the shrub/tree areas. I have asked LJH to give us an estimate for that so it can be included in the budget for the Town, Commission or School as appropriate.

I want to thank again everyone that contributed sprinklers and equipment used for watering. There are abbout 1450 feet (!!!!) of hose connecting six sprinklers on an automatic watering system and two or three individual hoses for watering the trees and shrubs not reached by the automated system.

Off the top of my head (i.e. just a guess), the following people or groups donated hoses.

Newington School Board: 300 (3 x 100) feet plus some sprinklers and a wand.
Library: One 75 (?) ft hose plus a sprinkler (returned when I realized it was broken).
HDC (Old Town Hall): One or two hoses, plus a splitter/valve.
Gail Pare: One (Two?) 100 ft hoses.
Peggy: One or two hoses (100 ft ea?).
Town: 300 ft (3 x 100).
Gail Klanchesser: 2 (?) 50 (?) ft hoses.
Conservation: 1 75 ft hose, 2 automatic timers, 4 (?) sprinklers
Fire Dept: 2 (?) hoses, 75 ft (one for washing the trucks, the other may have been outside).
Me: 2 75 ft hoses, 2 sprinklers, spray nozzles, brass valves.

Looking forward to spring and seeing everything in bloom.