Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Preservation of Knight's Brook

The Newington Conservation Commission will discuss the DOT's proposal to preserve lands around Knight's Brook on Thursday February 24, 2011 at 6 PM at the Town Hall.

The DOT has made offers to two of the three land owners to acquire a conservation easement over 38 acres (+/-) of the Hislop property shown on the plan, and to purchase the Saba property (26 acres) in fee simple.

I have prepared a proposal to use the Town's Conservation Fund to help DOT's project to move forward in exchange for naming the Town as a beneficiary on the conservation easement acquired by DOT. This would mean that the property could not be developed or used for non-conservation purposes without the consent of both DOT and the Town.

The Town supports the DOT's efforts as long as the negotiations are voluntary and do not use eminent domain.

Part of the discussion involves prices for real estate and will therefore be non-public.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Spring Garden Plans

It's February and I've ordered seeds .... I will have more than I need and let me know if you are interested. Note: The seeds from Amishland sound very interesting but I had to wait for a 20+ day back order to get them. Be mindful of that if you order your own.


1. Blondkopfchen

2. Stupice

3. Brandywine

4. Peche Jaune


5. King of the North

6A. Maria Nagy's Translyvanian (for paprika).

6B. Chervena Chushka (sweet Bulgarian pepper).


7. Blue Lake Pole Beans

8A. True Red Cranberry (gift from a Seed Saver I met online, link is to Seed Savers Exchange description).

8B. WIENLANDERIN POLE BEAN - swiss pole bean - Link to Bean Section.


8D. STORTINO DI TRENTO (Italian Marbled Shrimp Bean) - See Link above.

Onions (Allium family)

9. Onion Tropeana Tonda

10. Garlic: Meadow's Mirth and New Roots (2 local farms) planted last fall (no extra).

11. Leek, Blaugruner Farinto

Cukes & Melons

11. Charentais.

12. Bushy OG Cucumber.

13. Zucchini Alberello di Sarzana

14. Bozeman Watermelon (ripens in 70-80 days!!!)


15. Detroit Dark Red beets

16. Spinach, Bloomsdale OG

17. Genovese basil

18. Parsley Grune Perle

19. Bietola a Costa Fine Chard

20. Ildkongen Marigolds

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dahlias and Springtime!

I have been thinking about the new garden I made last year and watching spring approach with every drip off of the icicles outside the window.

The colors of summer are hard to recall looking out the window today. I am putting up some dahlia pictures to brighten your day and because I got offered some heirloom seeds from a collector in NH and these are about the only things from my garden that might be valuable in return.

Large pink dahlias, smaller dwarf red varieties below. The pinks are from a local farmer at the Portsmouth farmers market. The two dwarf varieties were from a local greenhouse but probably commercial in origin. These were saved in the root cellar (yes we have one!) and re-planted last year. The large pink ones will be moved out into the open so they don't lean and fall over due to the sun being on one side.

Another view.

I got these from the Portsmouth farmers market and saved them. Really looking forward to splitting them and placing them prominently.

Snow and sleet? What's that? I will put these closer to the house because the flowers are lighter in weight and think they will contrast nicely.

Same farmers market source.

Some are pure red as well. I can't remember if these are mixed in the same boxes of peat with the red-and-white variety above. I'd have to check in the root cellar.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Another photo

Using this blog to host pictures on seed savers exchange.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Test post. That's a tobacco horn worm caterpillar.