Friday, September 14, 2007

Correction and Update

My last post identified the small whorled pogonia as the endangered species adjacent to the Farley White project. In fact, it turns out the species is the bulbous bittercress, pictured below.

I understand that at a recent planning board meeting, the PDA indicated it intends to disregard the prime wetlands designation, leaving the Conservation Commission with little choice but to seek to uphold its designation.

Under RSA 12-G, the PDA adopts its own zoning regulations and projects are reviewed by the Newington Planning Board but under PDA regs and not those of the town. The PDA has no wetlands regulations in place. When I last checked a year ago, the word wetlands is mentioned a total of two times in its site plan and subdivision regs. There are no buffers, setbacks, or other requirements related to wetlands on PDA property.

The Commission meets again the second thursday in October.