Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Plants, get them before they are gone.

Sorry for the sloppy format of this post.  Here is what I have left... I'm giving away everything as fast as I can before it all goes to the compost.  This picture was taken on May 7 and the plants are over twice this size at this point. 

From Baker's Creek:
Caspian Pink Tomato

Black from Tula Tomato

Tigerella Tomato

Petit Gris de Rennes Melon

Ronde De Nice (summer squash)

From Adaptive Seeds:

Tomato, De Berao Braun

Tomato, Uralskiy Ranniy

Cucumber, Mideast Peace

Sweet Pepper, Liebesapfel

Campanula, Dinner Bells

Cauliflower, Leamington Winter Giant 

I also have random open pollinated sunflowers that came up in the garden that I have transplanted into pots.  They should get to 8-12 feet based on last year and will be anywhere from moppy yellow to traditional yellow-orange to red.