Friday, August 27, 2010

Blast off: Landscaping complete!

The Newington Public School Landscaping project is now complete! In order to reduce the costs, we did not require the contractors to be responsible for watering once the work was complete, so I spent the entire day setting up two sprinkler systems to water hydro seeded areas twice per day in six different zones, as well as most of the shrubs. The trees themselves will be watered twice per week by means of tree gators which are bags filled with water that drain out over the course of the day.

Some of the trees, the elms in particular, will likely lose their leaves in the next week. This is shock due to being relocated, made worse by the drought we have been experiencing. However, I am informed by the contractor, LJH, and our landscape designer, Woodburn & Company, that this is ok and the trees will bounce right back in the spring.

There was a change to the project to raise up the flowering pear tree by the side entrance. It turned out to be a low spot and the rains earlier in the week flooded the area and caused the tree to pitch over. By raising it and placing stones, the area should be greatly improved. It may be advisable to improve the drainage so that runoff does not collect there. Fortunately, flowering pair is relatively salt tolerant.

I'm very pleased with how things have turned out. I'm sorry I don't have pictures of the completed project but I hope to get some posted soon. Also, I'd like to thank the many people that helped along the way, and in particular: Jane Hislop for her early work organizing this and gathering information on trees, contractors etc.; Gail Klanchesser for her work helping me interface with the school and school supporters; all of the Conservation Commission for reviewing the various designs, meeting at odd times, reviewing proposals, etc.; the Planning Board for their work approving nearly half of the funding ($10,000); the Selectmen & Bea Marconi for their patience and support on the project; Tom Morgan for his continuing support and guidance and various members and supporters of the School (David Mueller, Krista Bellmare, Dennis Mayo, Linda Loewy & Jane Kendall). Also a number of you donated materials such as hoses and sprinklers including the Langdon Library, Gail Klanchesser, the Town (Rick), Gail Pare, the School District.

It's late and I have a horrible feeling I have left some people out. But congratulations to all of you! The total project will cost about $25,000 but without your help it would have been much more. I hope the project will benefit the Town when all of us our gone and our children come back to visit the school and wonder who planted all those trees many years ago.


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