Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fox Point & Onions

The Newington Selectmen held a meeting at Fox Point on Sunday to discuss the location of the proposed pavillion. The site of the former Mott House was selected. Right next to where the building once stood were onions growing. The house was last occupied in 1980 so I picked one of the onions on the off-chance it might be an heirloom or unusual variety since the land has likely been a farm for the last several centuries.

If anyone happens to know more about these onions please let me know.


Emily said...

They look like they might be walking onions. They would continue to propagate for years like that and they come up very early in the spring.
Here's a post I did on them recently.

Justin Richardson said...

Thanks Emily. I got the same answer on Seed Savers Exchange too. The tops just opened today... do you prefer to eat the tops or the established onions in the ground?