Monday, May 25, 2009

Man from outer space lands in Newington

On an otherwise quiet memorial day, a visitor from outer space landed in Newington today and was seen briefly on Old Post Road before disappearing.

Local reactions to the visitor from outerspace ranged from disbelief to excitement. "What the ..." said Leila Richardson of Newington, initially, but she later added "The kids seem to like him and with that helmet thing he probably doesn't snore."

Others seem less surprised and more interested in whether they might turn these unusual events to their advantage.

"Spray him!" shouted one on-looker holding a garden hose, later identified as Miss Elsa, also of Newington. "You're a poopie head!" another exclaimed.

The extra-terrestrial visitor disappeared moments later, promising to return in late October. "I am space man. I will capture the hose people and eat their sunflowers!"

Shouts of "Yikes!" and "Escape" were heard around the pool but nobody was sure what to make of this.


Anonymous said...

I've seen the space man up close...not totally sure if he/she/it is dangerous, but I suggest caution - particularly if you're carring any hungarian paprika or meat products.

- Dave from Newton, MA

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmmm mmmmmm. . I want you so bad, Space man.

Come get me.

~Lusty in Albany

Justin Richardson said...

Dave: Space man ate frozen sausages and watched re-runs of "Married with Children" for many light year journey to reach Newington. I'm now subject to violent outbursts if I hear canned laughter or the words "natural casing".

Lusty in Albany: Do you have sunflowers or know where I can find the hose people?