Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Despite the bad weather, this has been a decent year for birdwatching for me. So far I've seen bluebirds on Old Post Road, a woodcock in the back yard, and several flycatchers that I haven't positively identified. I was even there when the Fork Tailed Flycatcher was first identified at Odiorne Point.

On Sunday I took Elsa out to the recycling center and we spotted a male American Kestrel at the fields behind the cemetary and the Old Town Hall. He was perched in the row of trees overlooking the end of the runway and Arboretum Drive. At two she's probably a little young to fully appreciate this sort of thing but it can't hurt I tell myself, provided I check for ticks afterwards.

Today she was looking at one of her bird books and pointed at a picture of the male Northern Kestrel and said "We saw this one yesterday daddy".

True, I've missed out on a lot this year, but it doesn't get much better than that.


Dave Cohen said...


Just had an amazing sighting on the way to work this morning. On Peverley Hill Road in Portsmouth at the Hett Farm there is a low spot in the horses field which is a shallow pond when it's wet out. an hour ago I saw six wading birds about the size of egrets but dark, which I had never seen before. I rushed to work to get online and I think I can identify them as glossy ibis's. wading birds, dark with a rust colored breast and a large downward curving bill. from the information gleaned from the website they don't seem that rare, but I have never seen one and they are beautiful birds.


Justin Richardson said...

Dave: That's pretty exciting actually, and it definately sounds like you correctly identified it.

I'm not sure exactly what birders define as rare, but they are definately not the kind of bird you see every day (in NH).

The only place I have ever seen them in the northeast is an island about a mile off the coast of old orchard beach that the Audubon owns. It's possible they are migrating north and spotted that pond as a good stop-over location.